We are bringing CATs into
The NFT Metaverse.

MAC will be aidropped to MCC holders on April 2nd 2022

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4,995/9999 (5004 burned) MCC

METAVERSE, The name does not need any introduction in crypto space right now, Currently the whole world is going to VR and we have seen many successful projects on the metaverse which made 10k+ Eth traded volume in nft market, Now coming to those Nfts based on cats had a huge popularity among crypto lovers.

So our idea of taking them to the metaverse made us work on this project to get 4,999/9999 (5004 burned) MCC hand drawn ultra-realistic avatars. We want to give our community a realistic cat, hence every care has been taken to design them for 100+ days by 9 team members. Probably we are the first team to bring Cats to the Metaverse.

Mint one Metaverse Cool Cat ( MCC ) and hold it for 30 days to get our next project's NFT for free of cost , and there is no cap on the wallet , it means if one wallet is holding 10 MCC for atleast 30 days ( Minting + Holding ) He/She will get 10 __ NFTs free of cost , It is 1:1 NFT to NFT rather than only one NFT / Wallet.

VAT Labs

VAT labs is a group of 3 experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records of delivering on their roadmaps. It has 3 permanent Members with 15+ temporary employees ( who change from time to time based on the project we take up ). Our focus over the last few months has been entirely on execution. We want to deliver a variety of NFT projects to the Crypto world to create a Win-Win situation for buyers and sellers.

Metaverse Cool Cats is one such Idea to give a grand entry hence every care has been taken to deliver the best you can experience in the industry. We are here to stay and upgrade ourselves from time to time so you will hear this name VAT labs here and there from now onwards as 2 more projects will be delivered to the community in the next 2 months.



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Meet team "Metaverse Cool Cats"

Andrew Johns

Co-founder & Blockchain Expert

Micheal Elvin

Co-founder & Lead Developer

Edwin Pathreck

Co-founder & Head of Marketing.


Graphic Designer & NFT Specialist


Front End Developer & Designer

Smith Corton

Marketing Strategist


Social media handler



Lee Martin

Community Manager

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What is an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy term for a unique, digital item whose ownership is proven and managed by a blockchain. An NFT could be a collectible, in-game item (like a Fortnite skin), a piece of digital art, an event ticket, and much more. Some NFTs are simply digital “flexes” (like a Rolex), while others can offer utility such as exclusive access to communities, websites, or participation in events.

How do I purchase an NFT?

First, you will need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, or Gemini. Then, you will need to transfer your ETH into a digital wallet, the most popular being Metamask. You will be able to connect this wallet to the Metaverse Cool Cats website to purchase your NFT on Dec 27th.

How is VAT Labs and MCC related ?

VAT labs is an organization founded by 3 blockchain experts to deliver various Metaverse NFT collections on different platforms and MCC is their first project & many more coming soon.

Is there any special benefit by minting MCC ?

Absolutely, MCC is the very first project from VATlabs so all the early supporters (who mints MCC & hold for 30 days) will be air dropped our next project Nft(s) for free of cost, furthermore all those wallets will be directly whitelisted for all our future pre-sales from VAT labs & In addition, all Holders will have private access to future sneak peaks.

What will be the floor price after the minting is over ?

It is expected that floor price would be around 0.65 to 0.85 eth (based on NFT MARKET and TREND) because we are incentivizing the holders with nft airdrop so in that way we can manage the floor price. And No good project on cats has a floor price less than 2 eth as of now , for example : Cool cats –6.75 eth, Gutter Cat Gang-4.2 eth, etc. DYOR

What will be the minting cost ?

The early-bird-sale cost is 0.04 eth, pre-sale cost is 0.065 and public sale cost is 0.099 eth.

Why is the minting cost so low ?

Many new projects fixed their minting price at more than 0.2 eth however we want to pass the benefit of joining us to the early members of the VAT labs by keeping the minting price as low as possible , Hence the minting price is fixed at 0.099 only because we are here to stay forever until Nfts exist.

What will be the gas fee ?

We want to bring a change in the gas fees you paid for minting. Our solidity dev team worked relentlessly and brought down the gas fee as minimum as possible. So whatever we are doing here will benefit the community.

Do I get full rights on my nft ?

Absolutely, In the sum of 0.065 eth & 0.099 eth not including transaction fees, The Metaverse Cool Cats hereby transfers to purchasers full title and all rights and interests without restriction, You will be the sole owner of the nft and it is absolutely 1/1 & Secured on ERC-72 token.